Welcome to Open House
Parent/Carer and Baby/Toddler Group

  Open House is a Parent/Carer and Baby/Toddler Group run by Findon Valley Free Church every Tuesday from 10:30am to 12 noon during the term time. The committee consists of four members who are committed Christians and serve on a voluntary basis. The Church is committed to the following

  • The Home Office Code Of Practice Safe From Harm.
  • Safe to Grow Procedures as issued by the Baptist Union of Great Britain.
  • All our staff have been DBS checked.
At Open House we endeavour to provide a happy, safe and relaxed atmosphere for those who attend. It is an excellent way for children to learn to play together and make friends. The parents and Carers also benefit by having others to talk to and being able to share problems. The staff are always available to help if there is a need or problem to be discussed.



Play with toys provided. Refreshments. Parents can relax and chat.


Parents and Children can read and do puzzles together in a quiet room and cosy atmosphere


Different crafts each week from painting and play dough to creating something for a special occasion. Crafts are a big favourite with both parents and children.


Weather permitting, this area is used all through the year.


At the end of the morning we have a song time in the lounge when children can choose their favourite songs. We also teach them Christian Songs appropriate for their age group.


Special Christian events are celebrated throughout the year – Christmas, Easter and Harvest – And also our Open House Birthday Party. On these occasions we have a short service in the church followed by craft and lunch.