Our Team

Beth is our manager. She has worked with young children for many years in a variety of contexts and has a BA(hons) Early Years, Early Years Teacher Status and a Master of Research in Childhood Studies. She has two teenage boys and her hobbies include singing, playing guitar and writing/illustrating stories for children. Beth writes regularly for Early Years Educator magazine and lectures one day a week on the Early Childhood Programme at the University of Chichester. You can see what she gets up to here.
Mary is a preschool educator. She has worked at FVFC preschool for many years and never fails to come up with new ideas for exciting things for the children to engage in! Mary sometimes brings in her chickens and the children love to learn how to care for them. Mary is a great teacher who has a fantastic way of enabling children’s relationships with each other to grow.


Mandy is an innovator. She has worked at FVFC for a number of years. She loves to come up with new ways of doing things and makes sure that we never get stuck in a ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ mindset. Mandy is creative, caring and enjoys taking the children out to Cissbury Ring. Outside of work, Mandy cares for and rides her horses!


Anne is our preschool assistant. She has supported many children who have attended FVFC preschool and continues to faithfully support children’s learning from the moment they step through the door. Anne is always right in the thick of it with the children, joining in their conversations and engaging those who are a little shy to join in with their peers.