--- So what is FVFC Youth Group all about?

This group for 11-18’s meets every Friday (term time only) 7:30-9:00pm to look at the Bible in an exciting, relevant way for the members. We play games, eat food, chat, getting to know each other and pray for things going on in our lives and have socials. We also encourage the members to have an input into socials, and the programme
Our average Friday nights consist of time to chat and catch up about what happened during our week. Then we might eat some sweets from the tuck shop, play a game or do another activity. We then spend time looking at the Bible and what it has to say to us this week and why its relevant to us. We also pray for each other and for the week ahead Finishing off with an activity, game or chat.
On Sundays we meet during the morning service, going out after about 15 minutes to explore the Bible and see how much God really does love us and how He and the Bible are relevant to us today.

--- Upcoming Events …

In 2019 we have some great things planned!

We are starting a new series looking at the Bible from the very beginning of the beginning through to the end. Don’t worry not going to do that in 6 weeks. Will will take time looking to see what the Old Testament tells us about God and Jesus eventually by the end of 2019 starting to look at the New Testament. Of course we will continue to have fun throughout our session looking at the Bible and of course have socials through out the term.

April 2019

2019-04-26 – PAssover @ Easter

May 2019

2019-05-03 – I’m a Israelite get me out of here
2019-05-10 – Social
2019-05-17 – Rules or Just Guidlines
2019-05-24 – TBC
2019-05-25 – BCDO
2019-05-26 – BCDO
2019-05-31 – Half Term

June 2019

2019-06-07 – Joshua – Home Land
2019-06-14 – Judges – The Intro
2019-06-21 – Social
2019-06-28 – Deborah

July 2019

2019-07-05 – Gideon
2019-07-12 – Samson (Rooted Tour)
2019-07-19 – Summer Social
2019-07-26 – Summer Holidays

--- Meet Chris, our Youth Worker at FVFC!



Chris has been married to Ruth for 5 years. He moved down to the Worthing area about 8 years ago and loves telling teenagers about Jesus in ways that are relevant to the members and loves making sure they feel relaxed and can open up about their thoughts and questions they have.

He is very into his cars and likes the Fast and Furious films and would love to have a Nissan GTR. He is part time at FVFC and when he’s not sharing the love of Jesus with 11-18’s you can see him driving his van around working with a local charity and a Christian bookshop helping them set up and move stock to the different Christian festivals around the country.

You can contact him on:

youthworker@fvfc.org.uk or 07713 909216

Normal working days are: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Friday